sean (a 1970 doc)


can i get a glass of water?

the dicks

dig it bro man. dig it.                

kiss me


The Lavender Town Syndrome (also known as “Lavender Town Tone” or “Lavender Town Suicides”) was a peak in suicides and illness of children between the ages of 7-12 shortly after the release of… Continue reading

Please let Morrissey get what he wants!


ambivalence towards cultural norms, and among artists, a desire to stage that ambivalence, to blur boundaries, to confuse what is acceptable with what’s not.

muckity muck


antipathy towards the conventions of culture and yet a strong need to be in conversation with that culture.(you can’t de-construct something that you’re not hugely interested in the construction of in the first… Continue reading

advice for artists

1. Decide upon Artist as your destiny and begin to value your own visions with esteem and conviction. You can’t really start until you think that way about yourself. 2. Work 75% with… Continue reading